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Talk about reptile dysfunction.
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Kris Kuksi Art

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Born March 2, 1973, in Springfield Missouri and growing up in neighboring Kansas, Kris Kuksi spent his youth in rural seclusion and isolation along with a blue-collar, working mother, two significantly older brothers, and an absent father. Open country, sparse trees, and alcoholic stepfather, all paving the way for an individual saturated in imagination and introversion. His propensity for the unusual has been a constant since childhood, a lifelong fascination that lent itself to his macabre art later in life. The grotesque to him, as it seemed, was beautiful.

“A post-industrial Rococo master, Kris Kuksi obsessively arranges characters and architecture in asymmetric compositions with an exquisite sense of drama. Instead of stones and shells he uses screaming plastic soldiers, miniature engine blocks, towering spires and assorted debris to form his landscapes. The political, spiritual and material conflict within these shrines is enacted under the calm gaze of remote deities and august statuary. Kuksi manages to evoke, at once, a sanctum and a mausoleum for our suffocated spirit.” ~Guillermo del Toro

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I’m really sad at the fact that I just got to see this movie.


I’m really sad at the fact that I just got to see this movie.

Floating, bright-colored marine tools


Xtools are a fine-looking line of marine tools; as the ISDA blog says, “The rust-resistant tools feature tungsten-carbide cutting blades (for cutting braided wire) and foamy, soft-grip ergonomic handles that float. The loud colors help you find the suckers if you knock them off the boat as you reach for your beverage.”

Xtools (via IDSA Materials and Process Selection)

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Big Data should not be a faith-based initiative


There’s a lot of companies whose business-plan starts with “First, we remove all personal identifiers from this sensitive personal information, then we make a bundle selling it.” Cory Doctorow summarizes the problem: computer scientists are pretty sure that’s impossible.

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Cory Doctorow on Big Data.

Yes. Yes they are.

Yes. Yes they are.

It begins with this obvious observation: Whales poop. In fact, they poop mightily.
The Whale Poop Hypothesis (via wnycradiolab)

Whale dookie: nature’s iron engine.